Clipshare formats error(mplayer or mencoder not installed)

Installed Clipshare script on client website. But when I check the admin area > General > System Check > All the binary is showing as missing

PHP CLI missing (/usr/bin/php)
MEncoder missing (/usr/bin/mencoder)
MPlayer missing (/usr/bin/mplayer)
FFMpeg missing (/usr/bin/ffmpeg)
FLVTool2 missing (/usr/bin/flvtool2)
Mediainfo missing (/usr/bin/mediainfo)
MP4Box missing (/usr/bin/MP4Box)
NeroAacEnc missing (/usr/bin/neroAacEnc)

Formats error(mplayer or mencoder not installed)

I just found below line in php.ini file located at /var/www/vhosts/system/domain/etc/php.ini

open_basedir = "/var/www/vhosts/domain/:/tmp/"

replaced with

open_basedir = none

Now everything is ok in admin area and its showing as

PHP CLI found (/usr/bin/php)
MEncoder found (/usr/bin/mencoder)
MPlayer found (/usr/bin/mplayer)
FFMpeg found (/usr/bin/ffmpeg)
FLVTool2 found (/usr/bin/flvtool2)
Mediainfo found (/usr/bin/mediainfo)
MP4Box found (/usr/bin/MP4Box)
NeroAacEnc found (/usr/bin/neroAacEnc)
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