Cumulusclips video conversion error fixed

I have successfully installed Cumulusclips script on my website. Created a test user and tried to upload a video Flv extension, it uploaded successfully and a message comes up saying

“Your video has been successfully uploaded. Please allow several minutes for processing before it is available on tv series and tv series Mobile.”

After sometime i refreshed the page and look for the video but it says there are no videos uploaded.

I checked the cumulusclips forum and understand the problem is with video conversion.

Here are the steps i followed to fix the convert error

Login to admin area > Settings > Video > Change the path (If you don’t know, contact the web hosting company)

I have updated the admin area like below

PHP Path:




qt-faststart Path:


The default convert command (H.264 Encoding Options) in Cumulusclips admin area is

-vcodec libx264 -vf "scale=min(640\,iw):trunc(ow/a/2)*2" -vb 800k -acodec libvo_aacenc -ab 96k -ar 44100 -f mp4

I replaced the command with below

-crf 22.0 -c:v libx264 -c:a libfaac -ar 48000 -b:a 160k -coder 1 -threads 0 -f mp4

Iam not sure the same command will work on all server. If it is not working, send an email to your host with convert command and say that is not working, they will know which command work with the ffmpeg installed on the server.

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